Thursday, December 29, 2011

Insulation approved by association

Who'd a thought?

But, unlike the great unwashed masses, when we get insulation we make a film about it.

Watch it if only to ensure we can write off the entire expense as "set decoration".

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Four Thirty Ante Meridian

So there's a dot upstairs from my condo. (See an excerpt of my blog from November below). Nothing's changed. This is gonna stop.

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Doggy Doo On a Village Woods Balcony

By Kevin Six | Posted November 28, 2011, 9:20 a.m.

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Well, the kooky neighbors are at it again at Village Woods. The upstairs neighbor finally rented her apartment to, wait for it, a weirdo. But before I go on and on about the new weirdo upstairs, I feel the need to explain about the sliding glass doors at Village Woods, as they will be figuring large and loud in to the story...

Friday, December 16, 2011

What happened to the Occupy Movement?

If you still want to occupy something, try your own money, Circulate it and send a message to the Fat Cats in Washington.  Here's how...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A new blog with cool record art

Record Holders are re-purposed LP records, re-molded into cool shapes for the best way to hold cool things. Using vintage vinyl and modern manufacturing,  Record Holders can be molded into almost any shape, including Boxes, Bowls, Pencil Holders and Shelves.

And, even though millions of records were sold, Cool Record Holders are unique.  There will never be another like the one you have.  You do have one don't you?

You should really check them out and buy one!

Record Holders, headquartered in San Diego, California, was founded by Kevin Six in 2011.  It all began at a thrift store with a bunch of under-used records and an idea to give old vinyl new life.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Repurposed Vinyl Makes Good Gifts

Repurposed Vinyl.  It's about time.  How long have those records been collecting dust?  Want the song on Mp3?  You can find it!  Want something cool to hold stuff?  Made out of retired records?  Look no further!

Record Holders!  ( sells, well, cool record holders. Records made into boxes, bowls, pencil holders and... well.  It's just a really coo concept.

See for yourself!  Click a photo and go crazy!

Friday, December 2, 2011

The OccupyThisDollar Video
The OcupyThisDolar Video Goes Viral

"Occupying places is getting more dangerous by the minute and politicians still only care about money. The only safe way to protest is to Occupy dollars and send them to politicians." -Kevin Six
OTD Headquarters, San Diego, CA (December 2, 2011) The OccupyThisDollar campaign is going viral, videographically. The OccupyThisDollar Video was posted on early this morning and is ready to be viewed, shared, distributed and, basically, go Bubonic (except that it will not kill anyone).

The OccupyThisDollar Video, shot and edited by actress, blogger and professional photographer Kymri Wilt, features founder Kevin Six (ostensibly) printing labels, attaching them to US Currency and mailing them to politicians. The labels have a simple message:

Occupy this dollar
Please listen to all the people
Not just those who can afford it


Watch the video, share it, then interview Kevin Six. You owe it to your readers. Links

OccupyThisDollar Video
OccupyThisDollar Media Page
Occupy This Dollar Labels
California Representatives Labels

Contact Kevin Six at the e-mail address below or by calling 619-818-1131. • Kevin Six

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dogs Do DoDo On Balcony

This cannot be legal, can it?  Here are the facts.  Every morning between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. the upstairs sliding glass door rumbles open, the clicky clack of little doggy feet are heard and, moments later, the door rumbles closed.  Then the smell of dogie feces and urine bakes in the warm California sun.

I think the door noise, which has waked us from a sound sleep well before 7:00 a.m. for the last five mornings, can be construed as illegal.  Doggy doo on the patio?  Unsanitary, stinky, absolutely disgusting but illegal?  You can bet we'll be finding out!  Dogs who sound like they're locked in the bathroom barking all day?  Hmmm.

Advice to the upstairs neighbors: Walk your fucking dogs!  Walk them in the morning and at night so they can do their business without waking up the neighbor with a blog about your complex!  Alternatively, leave the sliding glass door open so the dogs can do their business without waking up the neighbor with a blog about your complex.  Oh, and get ready to have the woman you rent from come unglued about what your dogs are doing to her balcony...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy This Dollar

Finally a way for people who have more money than patience to Occupy something!

Go to Occupy This Dollar, print the labels and send an occupied dollar to your representatives today!

Welcome to Occupy This Dollar!

It's simple, really.  Politicians only care about money.  So send them a dollar with a label on it.  You can make a statement with as little as one dollar.

All you have to do is
Download the Occupy This Dollar labels, print them (Avery 5160) and stick them on US $1 bills
Then Send them to your representatives
Quite a statement if thousands of one dollar messages start arriving in the mail, eh?

I live in San Diego, California so my list is of everyone from  the San Diego City Council up to the President. Download it here.
If you live in San Diego, please feel free to download and use this list.  If not, please find yours here.

Thank you for joining Occupy This Dollar!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Anatomy Of a Cluster Fuck

Eleven years ago I moved into my Village Woods condo.  On the patio there was a screen stapled to the bottom of the wall, probably so cats wouldn't run under it.  It looked odd so I purchased some lava rocks.

Someone owes me $15!
I placed them in the crook between ground and patio wall and there they stayed for ten years.  Four months ago, I got a nasty letter to "remove the trellis from under the patio wall".  There had been some zealous plant trimming and, well the green plastic just wouldn't do.  Knowing that the lava rocks would spill into the landscaping -- and no longer be mine but 1/126th mine.

Yesterday morning, the President (Herr Valerie Feld) told the landscaper to "get rid of the lava rocks" and today they're gone.

Now there's a clean run from the outside onto my patio for cats, rats skunks and flood water. 

And I ask you why did it take ten years?  Do you know what else has been going on on my patio for 10 years?  Termite Shit!  Termites have been chewing on the patio and balcony above for ten fucking years.  I have called an average of once every two years.  Oh, and they were going to paint the patio floor shortly after I moved in.  TEN YEARS AGO.

You can guess when the painting happened...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Flying Trapeze With Go Pro Camera

This is the last of my trapeze videos from September, 2011.  In this one, I play with head-band camera shots.  I took video while flying and catching and combined them so you can see what it looks like flying to and being caught by me.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Catch and Return a Flying Trapeze Film by Kevin Six

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fiber Arts Festival at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum

Ok, so, first: such a totaly cool property.  Where else can you see steam tractors, Model A Trucks, a blacksmith shop run by belts attached to a steeam engine and old looms with people making rugs and cloth?  The answer is nowhere else than the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum.

You need to go if you have any testosterone on your system.

I was there doing research for a production of A Middsummer Night's Dream.  No, really.  You see, my contention is that Nick Bottom, the weaver, wove the play from his own fantasy after selling some silk cloth to Hyppolita.  Think about it...

So here are a few photos and comments...
There were Alpacas giving wool. These cute little crestures hafe very soft wool.  They also have soft teeth and feet (for climbing mountains) so they're softer on the land on which they tread and feed.
Spinners spinning.  This noce woman was working on a wheel made by her husband in the 70s.  She told me all I wanted to know about spinning, weaving and community organizing around teaching kids to spin and weave.  Lots of great ideas about The Dream...
And weavers weaving.  It was cool!  Of course you know that Nick Bottom was a weaver and it is my assertion that Hyppolita came to him for cloth for a wedding dress and started the whole fantasy upon which the dream is based. You see, he tells his friend PEter Quince to write him a ballad based on this strange dream he had in which Hyppolita was also Queen of the Fairies and he got tro hang with her (and all his friends were Fairies).  More on that later.
So my idea is to use human-powered items (like spinning wheels) to provide light and sound for the only Midsummer Night's Dream that the audience has to sun to keep up with.

So I was there to get some process going with regards to The Dream -- weavers weaving, tinkers tinking and joiners joining.  There are w few Weavers' Guilds here in San Diego county and I expect to get a hold of them and find out how they help, educate and share with us. More soon -- espeially on all the other cool stuff at the museum!  More soon...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Wake Surfing Film of the Century

I don't need to say more.

But I will.

This film was an honor and a triumph to make. it took blood, swet, tears and a whole lotta love to produce.  Many thanks to my beloved wife, Jennie, the crew and the people of Scandia Minnesota who had a festival just for me, which they call Taco Days -- and which I call Kevin Six Presents Taco Days but that's a film to be released at a later date.
Tonight, we bring you the wake surfing film of the century.  A little film I like to call:

The Wake Surfing Film of the Century

Kevin Six..........................Kevin Six
Jennie Olson Six................Jennie Olson Six
Sherri Mann......................Sherri Mann
Shawn Klancke..................Shawn Klancke
Katrina Nord......................Katrina Nord
Kiki Mann..........................A midget who looks just like her (no child labor laws broken)
Rusty and Tinkerbell..........Themselves

Director, producer, writer and all around cool guy.........Kevin Six
Camera.......................Kevin Six, Jennie Olson Six, Katrina Nord
Boat Drivers....................................Shawn Klancke, Sherri Mann
Water Safety..............................Shawn Klnacke and Sherri Mann
Stunt coordinator...........................................................Kevin Six
Executive Producer...................................................Chuck Mann

Special Thanks to: The lovely people of Scandia Minnesota, the Embrace Adrenaline Trapeze Club, the Marine on St. Croix water patrol who totally pulled us over, MasterCraft Boats, GoPro cameras, Shane Foss who surfs very well but not on video and Kali Mann who... Kali, where were you?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Why I Love Kym Pappas

Pym Pappas There are so many reasons to love Kym Pappas.  I started well before I met her -- almost a year before, actually.  Probably the fact that it wasn't creepy for anyone should be credited to her also but she's just so full of love!  So here is my top ten...
1. She is beautiful
I know this is not supposed to be the number one reason that people love one another but let's face it is.  Besides, the beauty of which I speak is more than skin-deep.  Her beauty starts in her soul and radiates out to the Universe.  Who wouldn't love that?
2. She is just so ful of love
You know with some people.  They are just loving.  Kym's a hugger but, more than that, she means it.  Some people give you the a-frame-ladder hug but Kym hugs you with all the beauty mentioned above.
3. She makes people better
This is not just idleness.  I have seen and been the beneficiary of this.  While working with her on two separate productions I saw her selflessness, caring and love-ability make situations better.  She also made me a better actor, professional and person and, to those who know me, this was a miracle.
4. She loves children
She teaches kds on a high school drill team.  This would be enough because high school is horrible to most people and you just know these children are being made better through Kym's liberal application of love and beauty.  I know this is true because I've met a nuber of her former students and they are genuine, generous, lovely poeople.  I also was able to witness a workshop with some kids she taught acting to and they were, to a one, uniquely talented and capable of all the things I've mentioned about Kym above.  See?  She gives it away!
5. She is an actress of unmistakable talent
I have worked with Kym on projects and seen her on stage.  You know when actors rely on those little tricks?  You know, Renee Zelwiger's forehead? Tom Cruise's smile..?  Well Kym has the love and beauty and the whole making people better to rely on.  And it works!  In her current play, Pride and Predudice, she loves Darcy, so I love Darcy.  She found in him more to love than I did.  As an actor, I kept thinking how I'd have done it so that her love was more believable and more understandable.  But none of it mattered.  When the time came for her to love him -- there it was.  True and real.
6. She tells the truth
As an actor, lying only works if you do it well.  Truthfully.  Does that make sense?  Doesn't matter.  What maters here is that we all have a truth meter and a bilshit meter and we know (sometimes not until years later) when they are ringing.  I will just say that Kym rings the truth bell and the bulshit bell is rusted clean through.  You will just have to trust me on that or, better yet, trust Kym -- she's worthy.
7. She rarely wears shoes
This is the coolest thing in the world to me for many reasons.  But the reason I wish to put forward here is that Kym puts her peersonal comfort before most things.  This is important especially when you understand that she's so loving and such a good character-builder.  You see, the main thing is to put on your oxygen mask before assisting the child in the seast next to you.  Or as Jesus said -- remove the log from your eye before you help get the splinter out of your friend's.  Yes, people!  Take care of yourself first and then it's easy to take care of others.  And it's genuine.  And she usually always has polish on...
8. She looks like a younger, prettier Meryl Streep
I never liked Meryl Streep until I saw her do comedy.  Then she grew on me.  Kym just happens to have the same bone structure as one of the best actresses of our generstion.  She should use this to her advantage and become the next greatest acter of our generation.
9. She works many jobs
If you're going to act, and direct and produce theatre, you need a bunch of jobs.  Kym works enough for three people BEFORE she puts those other hats on and then works enough for four more.  You would do well to learn from her example of not complaining about this.
10. She accepts me
I don't know how or why.  I have this mechanism where I keep people just close enough to see what I'll do next but far enough away so as not to get any of it on them.  Kym has it all over her.  She's seen the worst; I'd like to believe she's seen the best but I keep strivng to be better than I was last time I saw her.  But, really, all of it doesn't matter because in this vortex of acceptance she runs about in, she allows me to be me and to be the person she can love and trust.  This is the person I like best and hope to remember to be more often -- if only I had a pocket Kym Pappas to remind me to keep up with my gentleman practice...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trapeze in Minnesota

I was honored to be the guest of Embrace Adrenaline Trapeze Club in Scandia, MN.  While there, I got to try out my new wearable GoPro camera.  Various people wore the head-band-cam and we came up with some great shots.  In the two shots captured in the video below, I learned a lot about head placement because, while flying with two experienced and graceful flyers frrom Embrace Adrenaline, the head-band-cam was first worn by the flyer on my left and then by me.  That explains the two views but I have a theory that explains it.  WAtch this video and read on for my take on what you saw...

OK.  So the tall and graceful Katrina wore the camera for the first swing and, as you can see, she got a pretty good shot of our legs and feet.  Swinging with another flyer is a good way to learn more about timing and placement by matching the swing.  Usually people come away from this exercise with a better understanding of where to put their hips, legs and feet, and when to do it.  Katrina certainly did!
Poor Sherri Mann was the second flyer and, while I can attest to her skill and strength, you never get to see her legs and feet.  The reason?  First let's look at the similarities:
Both swings were double swings with me on the right and and experienced flyer on the left (Katrina on the first one and Sherri on the second).  The other fact is that Katrina wore the camera on the first swing and I wore it on the second.
The reason you can't see Sherri's feet on the second swing has nothing to do with where she put them but, rather, where I put my head (and the camera attached to it) durring the swing.  By looking up while bringing my legs forward, I was able to bring my hips up higher and achieve a better force out.  You just can't see it from that angle because my head is leading my hips, legs and feet.
So, a bad video exercise but a great way to understand how head placement determines where our feet end up in a swing...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Left off the ballot

So I got the ballot for the Village Woods Owner's Association board elections and guess whose name was curiously left off?  That's right, Kevin Six. This after I personally e-mailed my candidate statement to the Association Manager, Jim Fraker (oh, how I would like to misspell his name!).

Another person I know was surprised to learn that his name was on the ballot.  I thought it was because a formal request to be considered for the board was sent and ignored by me.  But!  This other person who is on the ballot did not fill out the form either; he just sent in his candidate statement via e-mail, like I did, to Jim Fucker.

So. This either means that Fraker is a faker (or a fucker) or he is honestly just an idiot.

Which it is, Jim (the fucker) Fraker?  Did you not really not get my e-mail; the one I printed and copied and did all sorts of legal stuff to?  Really?  Or did you, at the insistence of the board, decline my candidacy?

Either way, there will be trouble.  Trouble, I tell you
That starts with T and rhymes with P that stands for Pool!

Yes.  I am going to have a pool party.

See if you can stop me!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Horror of Homeowners’ Associations

Homeowners' associations were supposedly created by Real Estate God to fundraise for and oversee neighborhood maintenance, and to help developers to efficiently manage and market their properties. But it often seems that their true purpose in life is to drive homeowners insane.

Read more here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Information Is Not Forthcoming

I have asked the Village Woods Owner's Association, in writing, for the addresses of owners who do not live in the complex. This was two months ago. The information is not forthcoming.

The reason I need these addresses is to run for the Owner's Association Board. The reason the information is not forthcoming is...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Kevin Six wins Second place for blogging

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Other People's Children

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OK people, say what you want about other people's children. Sometimes they're noisy, often they're misbehaved and sometimes it's even the parent's fault. But, unless the child is being abused, you have no right to speak harshly to them or their parents.
This happened to me on Friday. Twice. One was an adult who yelled at children in Borders and another was a woman yelling at a mother at Stu Segal's Studio Diner. Both adults were in the wrong, one of them got a serious dressing-down by me and the other deserved one but my girlfriend sat nearly on me in the restaurant to keep me in my seat.
First the a-hole in Borders:


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Attn: Village Woods Board and Management

It is seriously going to suck when I come to to the board.  Even though you're holding out on information that is legally mine, I will win and you will be made to follow rules that actually make sense, keep people happy and do away with conflicts of interest.

Get ready to have your minds blown!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Death at 3276-A

The owner of the condo next to mine died unexpectedly on Sunday, April 3.  I overheard the roommate speaking to the coroner on Monday.  It sounded like they wanted him out and the condo sealed, ostensibly so they could investigate.

The deceased owner's friends came by on Monday saying that the roommate was back in the condo but just being quiet and now, on Tuesday, April 5, there is activity there.  The friends of the deceased indicated that the owner died of a drug overdose or complications from a long addiction to drugs.

These are the drugs that have been dealt out of this condo for going on eight years.  I very much hope this death puts an end to drug dealing at this address but, if it doesn't, I will work tirelessly with the Association, the management company and the authorities to see that it does.

The Village Woods Fun Party does not condone the use of drugs that kill or the sale of same.  How fun is it do die?  How fun is it to ruin the lives of others and anger the neighbors?  How many people are left to clean up the mess after such a death.  Decidedly un fun.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I was at the March Village Woods Owners' Association board meeting and was thoroughly underwhelmed by the care they take in addressing concerns in the community forum portion of the meeting.

The biggest problem I had was lack of leadership.  The meeting was not called to order, no one was introduced or even acknowledged and answers to questions were treated with a combination of arrogance and utter lack of understanding of the problem in the first place.

Then they went about levying fines and calling for hearings.  Finally they excused the community members and went into Executive Session where God knows what was discussed.

When I am elected to this board, things will change!
  1. People will be encouraged to attend meetings and get involved.
  2. Everyone will be made welcome.
  3. Their problems and concerns will be given equal weight
  4. Robert's Rules of Order will be observed (they work or they wouldn't have been in use for over 200 years).
  5. People will not be called into hearings before the board. Instead, they will be asked to share their thoughts and ideas on problems.
  6. There will be a safety committee tasked with being the liaison between the complex and the community policing office in Linda Vista.
  7. There will be no real or perceived conflicts of interest i.e. board members will receive no special benefit for volunteering other than the knowledge that they are making Village Woods a model community.
So there!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Excperts from a letter to Jim Fraker

Thank you, Jim.

Of course I will want to communicate with the electorate so I will need names and addresses of all owners living at Village Woods and elsewhere.  Please let me know what I need to do to make this happen.

I, of course, am still most interested in the use of the bulletin boards in the complex and am eager to read your response to that.  I have quite a campaign planned.

One last thing: you make a remark just about every time I see or hear from you to the effect that: "I don't mean to be flippant but drugs and murder aren't against the rules; they're a police matter."  I would just like to say that drug use is expressly against the rules:
"F. ILLEGAL ACTS (Article 2.3)
1. Alcohol Abuse, Firearms, & Illegal Drugs: Commission of
any illegal act in the common area is not to be permitted and
will be cause for suspension of all privileges of the
perpetrator, his/her family, and guests. All City, County,
State and Federal laws always will be enforced, including but
not limited to the following:...

c. Illegal drugs and other materials harmful to life and
property will not be possessed by anyone."
This is out of the rules handbook.  I will again ask for your assistance with prosecuting people who sell drugs in the complex. 

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Conflict of Interest

I believe that a conflict of interest exists on an association board whenever board members receive treatment that the average association member would not.  This was proven to me at the last board meeting I attended.  A new owner asked how many infractions it usually took before a letter of reprimand was sent.

The property manager went into a long and involved statement that I will boil down to: it takes more than one infraction before a letter is sent because the nature of the infraction needs to pass muster i.e. the management company needs to make sure that it's a valid complaint and not just some crank sounding off.

Then a board member chimed in with "unless it's a board member; then the letter comes immediately."

This is a blatant conflict of interest.  In this case the board member's complaint gets sent along without the regular vetting process.  And, let me tell you: the board is full to the teeth with cranks.  If the board of directors of the Village Woods Owners' Association are participating in this kind of conflict of interest and getting this kind of preferential treatment, what else are they doing illegally?

One thing I can point to is discrimination in terms of whom to use to fill board vacancies.  Just as one cannot choose one's neighbor, neither can the board of directors choose who will sit with them on the board.

I want to be one such person.  There are at least two more I know of and perhaps many more who have not been placed on the board to get the number up to that which is required by the association's bylaws.

In short, the board of directors of the Village Woods Owners' Association are not only participating in conflict of interest and discrimination, they are putting themselves, the association and management company in harm's way.  These are actionable offenses and a person with a lot of time on his hands and an axe to grind (an axe, mind you, that is legally and morally correct) can cause enough trouble so as to be elected to said board...

This will be brought up to the board and staff in person at the next meeting.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Appologies all around

I hereby apologize for jumping to the conclusion that the board of directors of the Village Woods Owner's Association is out of touch before I even saw them in action.  I saw them in action last night and can now say that they are out of touch.

Nice people.  Encumbered people.  People who care a great deal.

About everything but people.

One of them was amazed that I didn't "Act like a clown" in his own words.  You will note that I don't use names.  I have only used my own name and that of Adolph Hitler.  Those commenting on my blog and writing letters to the editor of the San Diego Reader have remained nameless.

I would name names but it would probably lead to other trouble.  Suffice it to say that I have named my own name because I believe in standing behind what you say.

I used Hitler's name without thought to the feelings they bring up.  I apologize to anyone who felt badly about comparing him to the president of my association; who felt badly about the association being associated with Nazi Germany; and to people for whom thoughts of Hitler and the Nazis brought back real memories of the Holocaust.

So I need to find another historical comparison for the way the leadership is out of touch, how leadership takes advantage of power (even though the stakes are so low); and how cruel the leadership is of the people they purport to support...

The Middle East, perhaps?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Board Meeting?

One of the main things about the board meetings is that they're held on the fourth Wednesday of the month.  The literature and the calendar on the association website says those meetings are on the fourth Monday.

But as far as we can tell, the meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 23 in the Clubhouse.

The Fun Party - as the opposition political party encourages you to go to this meeting if only to see what the clubhouse looks like.  We also want to bring up:
1. Timely delivery of meeting minutes (last minutes posted on the website are Oct. 2010)
2. First Annual Pool Party and Neighborhood Mixer this summer
3. Financial Update
4. Green Technology
5. Safety
6. Radical concept of allowing the bulletin board to be a forum instead of a place for advertising

We of course would like as many people there as possible.  The goal of the Village Woods Fun Party is to work with or in opposition to the board for change.  It will take 55 people to vote board members in or out but considerably less to change the their minds.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Look to Humanism

I keep wondering what Jesus would do with my Association and the President; or Mohamed, or Buddha or any religious icon.  But I keep ending up with an answer that takes the fight and makes it meaningless.  I'm looking for Jihad, struggle, a righteous war.  Over what? 

Safety from some bad neighbors and use of the Clubhouse, it turns out.  That and not living in fear of the Association and the President.  But that last one is a simple choice and the second one isn't worth fighting. struggling, Jihading over.  And I haven't really brought up the most important one, officially.

While the President and a lot of the members of the Association are odd, they aren't dangerous.  And, just because they don't really know how to handle dangerous members, doesn't mean I have to fight them. I do know that this movement doesn't have many more members than the Association has board members.

Than just tells me that the vast majority of the people just don't care.  And why should they care if I can't use the stupid Clubhouse?  That scary people visit my neighbor? That I want to get rid of the old regime and put in a new regime that will be bad, unresponsive and fearful in new ways? Why should anyone care?

I just assumed that because one person made a mistake, refused to admit she made a mistake and didn't apologize about the time it took for me to rectify the mistake - that she was making a mistake about all the things I didn't like about the Association.  No.  All she was doing was proving to me that she is a member of my race.  Human.

And, instead of doing anything Human about it, I was mean.  And she continues to do nothing.  Just like Buddha it turns out.  Maybe we have more in common than I thought.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Pins and Needles

Oh my God I can barely contain myself with waiting for news from the monthly Association Board meeting.  We tried to go to the meeting - advertised on the Association website as last Monday.  It turns out that the meetings are really on Wednesday so they got me on that. 

I couldn't make Wednesday but I'm sure my letter was mentioned, and the blog, and, hopefully, the Reader article but probably not the letter from some asshole at Village Woods who didn't get it and threatened financial ruin if I can get the lawyers to make it stick...

Nonetheless, I want to find out what stupid things came out of the meeting so I can smash the ball back over the net.  Really need to get more people in on the Party (which is a political party, people; not a noisy thing that you all hate). 

Come on!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reader Letters 1-27-11

Cheapskate Caught
I am very disappointed that the Reader saw fit to reward a member of Village Woods for admitting that he doesn’t pay dues and that he wants to be noisy (“I Live in Linda Vista,” Feature Story, January 20). We are a small, low-income condo. We live very closely in small units and need to enforce quiet. As well, we are struggling to pay our bills, with many members who do not pay dues and are foreclosing. It’s good that you flushed out one source of his income, which we will go after, but it’s questionable whether you should be rewarding people for admitting they break rules and cause havoc in our community.

As well, I would like to make a correction to Walter Mencken’s column in which he intimated that Sunrise Powerlink is a green energy project (“SD on the QT,” January 20). It is a greenwash project that will increase fossil fuels and global warming by shipping liquefied natural gas from Indonesia across the ocean in fossil-fuel-emitting vessels, which are unregulated, bypassing our ports and jobs to a Mexican port, and bypassing our clean air laws to produce the power in Mexico. As well, it will greatly increase our fire danger. Many, many people came down to the board of supervisors meeting against the Sunrise Powerlink and filled the room to overflowing when it was heard. What we want as an alternative is a solar roof project by SDG&E to outfit all of our homes with solar roofs. We are willing to pay monthly for that but not for increased fire danger and increased global warming, which will eventually destroy our food and water supply.
Name Withheld by Request
via email

Kevin Six replys:
Satire.  Look it up:

Also, I am paid up on my dues and I want solar too.  But thanks for threatening me. 
Too bad you don't under stand the above word. Don't want to break rules or make noise.  Just want to have fun, within the rules.  I also want to read everything before I make comment. 

Oh, and Walter Menken is a satirist.  Look it up:

Bulletin Board = Public Forum

From a First Amendment law firm:

Although the California Supreme Court found that California's free speech right applies to speech in a privately owned shopping mall because the mall is the modern-day equivalent of the traditional town square, Robins v. Pruneyard Shopping Center, 23 Cal. 3d 899 (1979), subsequent cases have narrowed Robins' reach.  In 2001, the California Supreme Court said that a tenants' association did not have the right to distribute unsolicited flyers throughout a privately owned apartment complex.  Golden Gateway Ctr. v. Golden Gateway Tenants Ass'n, 26 Cal. 4th 1013, 1035 (2001).  But even in that case, the court "emphasize[d] that [its] decision ... does not give apartment owners carte blanche to stifle tenant speech.  Tenants may still have remedies under conventional property law principles. (See Lobsenz & Swanson, The Residential Tenant's Right to Freedom of Political Expression (1986) 10 U. Puget Sound L.Rev. 1, 45.)  Moreover, many statutes and ordinances serve to protect tenants against unreasonable lease provisions and restrictions. (See, e.g., Civ. Code, § 1942.5, 1942.6, 1953.)."  Id. at 1035.  In addition, even under a free speech analysis, there might be an argument to be made that a tenant bulletin board is a kind of limited public forum -- especially to the extent the bulletin board is located in a freely accessible location -- and that the Board may not restrict postings based on the viewpoint of the poster.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

RE: First Amendment Coalition's Legal Hotline

Dear Mr. Six:
Holme Roberts & Owen LLP is general counsel for the First Amendment Coalition and responds to First Amendment Coalition hotline inquiries. In responding to these inquiries, we can give general information regarding open government and speech issues but cannot provide specific legal advice or representation.
A good place to start might be any rules promulgated by the Condo Association Board with respect to the bulletin board.  Conceivably, there are rules either allowing residents to post signs related to the election of board members or that purport to give the board complete discretion about what may be posted.
If there are no relevant rules (or if the board claims full discretion as to postings), a more complicated analysis is required.  Although the California Supreme Court found that California's free speech right applies to speech in a privately owned shopping mall because the mall is the modern-day equivalent of the traditional town square, Robins v. Pruneyard Shopping Center, 23 Cal. 3d 899 (1979), subsequent cases have narrowed Robins' reach.  In 2001, the California Supreme Court said that a tenants' association did not have the right to distribute unsolicited flyers throughout a privately owned apartment complex.  Golden Gateway Ctr. v. Golden Gateway Tenants Ass'n, 26 Cal. 4th 1013, 1035 (2001).  But even in that case, the court "emphasize[d] that [its] decision ... does not give apartment owners carte blanche to stifle tenant speech.  Tenants may still have remedies under conventional property law principles. (See Lobsenz & Swanson, The Residential Tenant's Right to Freedom of Political Expression (1986) 10 U. Puget Sound L.Rev. 1, 45.)  Moreover, many statutes and ordinances serve to protect tenants against unreasonable lease provisions and restrictions. (See, e.g., Civ. Code, § 1942.5, 1942.6, 1953.)."  Id. at 1035.  In addition, even under a free speech analysis, there might be an argument to be made that a tenant bulletin board is a kind of limited public forum -- especially to the extent the bulletin board is located in a freely accessible location -- and that the Board may not restrict postings based on the viewpoint of the poster.
I hope this information is useful.  Good luck!
Katherine Keating
Katherine Keating
Holme Roberts & Owen LLP

Monday, January 17, 2011

Board Meeting

Board Meetings are either on the fourth Wednesday or the fourth Monday.  I cannot make either one of these options.  Is there anyone who would attend and take notes or, better yet, videotape?  Let me know!

Friday, January 14, 2011

A note to the person who left a note for me on the South Laundry bulletin board:

To my friendly neighbor,

Thank you for the kind note.  I have been thinking of you and the note since I read it last week and am finally responding.  Please forgive my tardiness.

I too think parties shouldn’t be loud.  I love the sound of children in a pool and hope that the people who live close love it too, though.

A pool party sounds like a great idea!  If we all come, we could each invite four non-association members and there could be a great turn out.  I would really like to meet my neighbors face to face instead of through the Internet, letters and even note like this.

As for the board meetings: I am confused.  Sometimes they are advertised as the fourth Wednesday and elsewhere the fourth Monday.  The worst part of that is that I have responsibilities for those evenings into late February.  I am looking for a friend to attend the next meeting and tell me what goes on – I imagine it’s quite a lot more than what is printed in the minutes.

In order to bring more discussion to the community I placed a few sheets of lined paper and a pen on the bulletin board at the mail boxes but it seems that I have a critic.  I also have an online forum for people to read, comment and – soon – write about goings on and issues important to Village Woods.  Please feel free to visit at

My “Political Party” is an attempt to bring openness, discourse and fun back to what I think is the far too sterile process of community management.  I want the Village Woods Association to be a leader in a new, democratic, fun and property-value-increasing movement.
It has been a pleasure corresponding with you.  Please feel free to e-mail me through the website above or to continue posting these great old-fashioned letters.

Most sincerely,

Kevin Six

Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Amendment Issues!

So, last month I spoke with the Association's manager and he said that the Association President was the one who took down some posters I placed on the bulletin boards.  I had already put them up again when he told me their concern.

They thought that Association Members would confuse my flyers with those of the board.  I am awaiting a written response to why they didn't like my flyers - mainly because I can't wait to see how the letter is phrased.

So I put up some new flyers that stated that I was not affiliated with the Association or the Board.  Then someone kept taking the pins out of the top of the flyer so it flopped over on itself.  Finally it was removed entirely.

I also printed the First Amendment to the US Constitution, which has been torn down twice.  Then I put up a letter, which was torn down.  Now that I'm out of the kinder, friendlier flyers, I'm back to the incendiary ones and a much more pointed letter, which states: Do you realize that you have torn down the US constitution? Twice?

I also placed some lined paper and a pen so we can see who thinks what.  I will of course keep you all posted. And, as you can see, it's been torn down.  It seems Free Speech is free everywhere in America except Village Woods.

PS - love the other flyer!  It's not mine but right down the alley where my humor hangs out.  As you can see, it was torn down too.  Will keep you all posted, just not on the bulletin board.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To the person who keeps taking down my flyers

Dear Friend,

I call you friend because I believe that we are not all that different.  If an alien came down to earth (or even from another country) he/she would have a hard time distinguishing between you and me.  We both look a lot alike, we both sound and smell alike; the big difference is in how we think.

I think that people should love one another and have fun doing it.  I think that people are basically good and that, left to their own devices, would choose to do good.  I also think that it makes sense for everyone to get along and be happy regardless of what they believe; and that we are guaranteed certain rights simply by being members of the Human Race and the United States of America.

The country in which we have chosen to be neighbors allows us both to say what we think and feel.  I have spoken in words and you have spoken in actions.  Please consider using your words.  I am easy to find and I look forward to speaking with you.


Kevin Six

Saturday, January 1, 2011

An Open Letter to my Association Manager

To: Jim Fraker
Community Manager
Village Woods Owners' Association, Inc.
c/o Professional Community Management

Dear Jim,

Thanks for taking the time out to speak with me last weak.  I have decided to write you with my concerns about Village Woods, The Village Woods Owners' Association, Inc. its board of directors, bylaws, rules and the management company. 

Where to start?
First, Jim, I do want you to send me a letter about the posters and flyers I've been putting up and that have been taken down repeatedly.  I think a written record of what we discussed will protect all parties.  You may mail or e-mail that letter to me at your earliest convenience.

I believe that it is no longer legal for member organizations to use proxies for voting on anything.  I will let you know what my lawyer friend says about that but I think that this will have to change significantly.  I also believe that the board must have five members in order to function properly.  This means that is hasn't been functioning properly since the number went from five to three and that it might not even be able to appoint members.

The number of management companies, managers and accounting firms employed by the association
Jim, you should look into this as I think the number is staggering.  If it does not point to mismanagement it at least raises the question of such.  My question: Why have there been five or more management companies managing Village Woods.  It looks to me like the board keeps changing management companies when one of two things happen: 1) the management company wants to do something that the board doesn't; or 2) the management company uncovers something.

The Board
I volunteer to be appointed to the board of directors.  That is, once it is determined that the current board may act in this manner.

Glass at The Pool
The Association rules are specific about glass being prohibited in the pool area but I couldn't help but notice that the tables in the pool area are made of glass.  This, I believe represents an area of great concern for me and should represent quite a liability for the association and its board.  After looking at the rules for levying fines, it would be absurd to think what the association should have to fine itself for breaking this rule for the eight years I've been here, let alone how long the actual glass tables have been there.  And once you add penalties and interest... well...

Penalties and Interest
I noted with much regret, while reading the minutes, that the board has refused to negotiate with people who are in arrears with their dues; specifically in the area of lowering or forgiving penalties and interest.  I have the dubious distinction of having represented myself and an organization I managed with its debt to the IRS and must say that they are willing to forgive most penalties and all interest levied on tax debt.  If the IRS can do It, I believe that the Association can do it -- especially after what you told me about the odds of collecting bad debt such as this.

The Clubhouse
I would like to know why, if we own the common property collectively, we should be charged to use the clubhouse.  Also, why do we need to pay a deposit and why do we have to go all the way to Carlsbad to pick up and return keys to the clubhouse.  I think these rules are designed to keep the clubhouse off limits to association members.  I also would like to know if the board has complied with these rules as they have their meetings there.  Is there indeed a $150 check on deposit and has the board indeed been paying $50 for each meeting its had there in my memory and, if not why not?  And of there are exceptions.

Here's a radical idea.  Take the lock and all restrictions off the clubhouse. 

Environmental Responsibility
I applaud the board's responsibility in placing recycling bins at all dumpster locations.  I also think that there could be so much more done with regards to LEED, Green and Environmentally friendly management techniques including grey water, solar energy and many, many more energy (and money) saving solutions.

The Village Woods Fun Party
Jim, if you are near my age, you remember the days when the Village Woods was not a condo conversion but an apartment complex.  And, if my memory serves me, complexes designed like Village Woods were of the "Swinging Single" variety.  The clubhouse was always a gathering place; everyone hung out at the pool; people were more neighborly.  There were a lot of things wrong with this era: exclusion, noise, dangerous behavior, etc.  But, dang it Jim, I want there to be monthly parties out by the pool and in the clubhouse.  I want to meet my neighbors over burned meat and with music playing -- like it's been done in California since... well since the Village Woods apartments were first built.

My thing with the Village Woods Fun Party (not affiliated with the Village Woods Owners' Association, Inc.) is that we are a community of owners and we need to act like one.  Holiday Light contests, awards for the best gardens, pool parties and a clubhouse that all members of the club that is The Village Woods Owners' Association may use.

The Rest of It
As you know, Jim, I think that people are scared of the Association and its board.  But after we spoke, I think the board has much more reason to fear the members than the other way around.  BUT, Jim, I advocate for the end of fear and the beginning of a relationship between the association, its board and management company that makes Village Woods not only the best place in the world to live but a model for how other associations can be run.

Not an association or a board or a management company or even 16-odd individuals but a movement. 

I look forward to your response!


Kevin Six