Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Death at 3276-A

The owner of the condo next to mine died unexpectedly on Sunday, April 3.  I overheard the roommate speaking to the coroner on Monday.  It sounded like they wanted him out and the condo sealed, ostensibly so they could investigate.

The deceased owner's friends came by on Monday saying that the roommate was back in the condo but just being quiet and now, on Tuesday, April 5, there is activity there.  The friends of the deceased indicated that the owner died of a drug overdose or complications from a long addiction to drugs.

These are the drugs that have been dealt out of this condo for going on eight years.  I very much hope this death puts an end to drug dealing at this address but, if it doesn't, I will work tirelessly with the Association, the management company and the authorities to see that it does.

The Village Woods Fun Party does not condone the use of drugs that kill or the sale of same.  How fun is it do die?  How fun is it to ruin the lives of others and anger the neighbors?  How many people are left to clean up the mess after such a death.  Decidedly un fun.

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