Monday, November 28, 2011

Dogs Do DoDo On Balcony

This cannot be legal, can it?  Here are the facts.  Every morning between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m. the upstairs sliding glass door rumbles open, the clicky clack of little doggy feet are heard and, moments later, the door rumbles closed.  Then the smell of dogie feces and urine bakes in the warm California sun.

I think the door noise, which has waked us from a sound sleep well before 7:00 a.m. for the last five mornings, can be construed as illegal.  Doggy doo on the patio?  Unsanitary, stinky, absolutely disgusting but illegal?  You can bet we'll be finding out!  Dogs who sound like they're locked in the bathroom barking all day?  Hmmm.

Advice to the upstairs neighbors: Walk your fucking dogs!  Walk them in the morning and at night so they can do their business without waking up the neighbor with a blog about your complex!  Alternatively, leave the sliding glass door open so the dogs can do their business without waking up the neighbor with a blog about your complex.  Oh, and get ready to have the woman you rent from come unglued about what your dogs are doing to her balcony...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy This Dollar

Finally a way for people who have more money than patience to Occupy something!

Go to Occupy This Dollar, print the labels and send an occupied dollar to your representatives today!

Welcome to Occupy This Dollar!

It's simple, really.  Politicians only care about money.  So send them a dollar with a label on it.  You can make a statement with as little as one dollar.

All you have to do is
Download the Occupy This Dollar labels, print them (Avery 5160) and stick them on US $1 bills
Then Send them to your representatives
Quite a statement if thousands of one dollar messages start arriving in the mail, eh?

I live in San Diego, California so my list is of everyone from  the San Diego City Council up to the President. Download it here.
If you live in San Diego, please feel free to download and use this list.  If not, please find yours here.

Thank you for joining Occupy This Dollar!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Anatomy Of a Cluster Fuck

Eleven years ago I moved into my Village Woods condo.  On the patio there was a screen stapled to the bottom of the wall, probably so cats wouldn't run under it.  It looked odd so I purchased some lava rocks.

Someone owes me $15!
I placed them in the crook between ground and patio wall and there they stayed for ten years.  Four months ago, I got a nasty letter to "remove the trellis from under the patio wall".  There had been some zealous plant trimming and, well the green plastic just wouldn't do.  Knowing that the lava rocks would spill into the landscaping -- and no longer be mine but 1/126th mine.

Yesterday morning, the President (Herr Valerie Feld) told the landscaper to "get rid of the lava rocks" and today they're gone.

Now there's a clean run from the outside onto my patio for cats, rats skunks and flood water. 

And I ask you why did it take ten years?  Do you know what else has been going on on my patio for 10 years?  Termite Shit!  Termites have been chewing on the patio and balcony above for ten fucking years.  I have called an average of once every two years.  Oh, and they were going to paint the patio floor shortly after I moved in.  TEN YEARS AGO.

You can guess when the painting happened...