Thursday, February 24, 2011

Appologies all around

I hereby apologize for jumping to the conclusion that the board of directors of the Village Woods Owner's Association is out of touch before I even saw them in action.  I saw them in action last night and can now say that they are out of touch.

Nice people.  Encumbered people.  People who care a great deal.

About everything but people.

One of them was amazed that I didn't "Act like a clown" in his own words.  You will note that I don't use names.  I have only used my own name and that of Adolph Hitler.  Those commenting on my blog and writing letters to the editor of the San Diego Reader have remained nameless.

I would name names but it would probably lead to other trouble.  Suffice it to say that I have named my own name because I believe in standing behind what you say.

I used Hitler's name without thought to the feelings they bring up.  I apologize to anyone who felt badly about comparing him to the president of my association; who felt badly about the association being associated with Nazi Germany; and to people for whom thoughts of Hitler and the Nazis brought back real memories of the Holocaust.

So I need to find another historical comparison for the way the leadership is out of touch, how leadership takes advantage of power (even though the stakes are so low); and how cruel the leadership is of the people they purport to support...

The Middle East, perhaps?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Board Meeting?

One of the main things about the board meetings is that they're held on the fourth Wednesday of the month.  The literature and the calendar on the association website says those meetings are on the fourth Monday.

But as far as we can tell, the meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 23 in the Clubhouse.

The Fun Party - as the opposition political party encourages you to go to this meeting if only to see what the clubhouse looks like.  We also want to bring up:
1. Timely delivery of meeting minutes (last minutes posted on the website are Oct. 2010)
2. First Annual Pool Party and Neighborhood Mixer this summer
3. Financial Update
4. Green Technology
5. Safety
6. Radical concept of allowing the bulletin board to be a forum instead of a place for advertising

We of course would like as many people there as possible.  The goal of the Village Woods Fun Party is to work with or in opposition to the board for change.  It will take 55 people to vote board members in or out but considerably less to change the their minds.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Look to Humanism

I keep wondering what Jesus would do with my Association and the President; or Mohamed, or Buddha or any religious icon.  But I keep ending up with an answer that takes the fight and makes it meaningless.  I'm looking for Jihad, struggle, a righteous war.  Over what? 

Safety from some bad neighbors and use of the Clubhouse, it turns out.  That and not living in fear of the Association and the President.  But that last one is a simple choice and the second one isn't worth fighting. struggling, Jihading over.  And I haven't really brought up the most important one, officially.

While the President and a lot of the members of the Association are odd, they aren't dangerous.  And, just because they don't really know how to handle dangerous members, doesn't mean I have to fight them. I do know that this movement doesn't have many more members than the Association has board members.

Than just tells me that the vast majority of the people just don't care.  And why should they care if I can't use the stupid Clubhouse?  That scary people visit my neighbor? That I want to get rid of the old regime and put in a new regime that will be bad, unresponsive and fearful in new ways? Why should anyone care?

I just assumed that because one person made a mistake, refused to admit she made a mistake and didn't apologize about the time it took for me to rectify the mistake - that she was making a mistake about all the things I didn't like about the Association.  No.  All she was doing was proving to me that she is a member of my race.  Human.

And, instead of doing anything Human about it, I was mean.  And she continues to do nothing.  Just like Buddha it turns out.  Maybe we have more in common than I thought.