Thursday, February 24, 2011

Appologies all around

I hereby apologize for jumping to the conclusion that the board of directors of the Village Woods Owner's Association is out of touch before I even saw them in action.  I saw them in action last night and can now say that they are out of touch.

Nice people.  Encumbered people.  People who care a great deal.

About everything but people.

One of them was amazed that I didn't "Act like a clown" in his own words.  You will note that I don't use names.  I have only used my own name and that of Adolph Hitler.  Those commenting on my blog and writing letters to the editor of the San Diego Reader have remained nameless.

I would name names but it would probably lead to other trouble.  Suffice it to say that I have named my own name because I believe in standing behind what you say.

I used Hitler's name without thought to the feelings they bring up.  I apologize to anyone who felt badly about comparing him to the president of my association; who felt badly about the association being associated with Nazi Germany; and to people for whom thoughts of Hitler and the Nazis brought back real memories of the Holocaust.

So I need to find another historical comparison for the way the leadership is out of touch, how leadership takes advantage of power (even though the stakes are so low); and how cruel the leadership is of the people they purport to support...

The Middle East, perhaps?

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