Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Blood Countess Actors

This play has been a dream to work on.  Mainly because of the cast.  Here are some photos of The Blood Countess cast and my thoughts on their work on the show:

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Tony Beville is the Minister of Culture.  The play would not be without him.  This character sets all the wheels in motion and most of that work happens off stage, in the past and in the actor's mind. thankfully, Tony's mind words like an encyclopedia wrapped in a great actor.  His talent and skill make the Minister (and the secret he shares) one of the great character in The Blood Countess.

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Elisa Gonzales was a true find.  there she was at the audition with "Dot" written all over her.  She was trained at Emerson College, where a friend went so I was familiar with the program.  Her skills are powerful and the timing was perfect: The Blood Countess is her first production since returning to San Diego from New York.  The part of Dod is a fun one.  This Goth Chick has a brain and knows how to use it.  She also has a thing for the Minister and they both use this odd attraction to their benefit.

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Brigette Erpelding is excellent as Ilona.  She had the character figured out fairly early on when she came to the realization that she lies to get what she wants.  The character is so opposite the actor, who would never lie, is kind and considerate and would never use people.  Such a delight to work with an actress who had these qualities and can act like a bad person instead of the other way around.  I think you will like the conniver that Brigette has created in Ilona Black.

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Justine Hince is Darcy.  This is always the tough part: the lead's friend.  She has to set up all the stuff that happens.  But two weeks ago, she told me she wanted to bring some darkness and depth to the role.  And then she did.  Justine went to a Goth club with the cast and found something there that was missing in Darcy.  Now, without changing a line, the character is smarter, darker and considerably deeper.  Justine is member of the production company and I dislike having my hands ties as a director.  But there she was at the audition and could have played any of the roles.  She graciously stepped into the most difficult one and here I am enjoying my tied hands.

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Erik Cram was a great find.  This kid is going to do very well in theatre, film, TV and stand-up, which he already does so well.  He came to the audition and read and was good.  Then I gave him a few secrets about Janos and he flat became the character.  We have him in the same outfit he auditioned in. he was just that perfect in the role.  As Janos, the odd and not-so-bright castle handyman, he excels; but Erik also gets to play Janos the DJ, Janos the vampire and Janos playing a few other choice roles and he's just as perfect in those roles too.
image from Carla Navaro is also with the production company and also makes me happy with tied hands.  She came to the audition and read for The Blood Countess and just sat in the tub and owned it.  Please note that where wasn't a tub at the audition.  I honestly believe she manifested the tub we now have her in.  You will think we had it made for her.  It is not easy to enter the show last -- and late at that -- then sit in a tub for a long time while setting the record straight.  But Carla manages to to all that and more. 

She is as much The Blood Countess as Erik is Janos, Justine is Darcy, Elisa is Dot, Brigette is Ilona and Tony is The Minister. Come see The Blood Countess, and these great actors.  For more information, visit  See you there!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Blood Countess Videos

There are many technical things going on in my new play, not the least of which is video.  The characters in "The Blood Countess" communicate with one another on video.  There's a screen on stage and a camera in the house.  We will see if any of it works soon as we go into technical rehearsals and kick-start this mother.  Until then, please look at the videos we've made up to this time wo whet your appetite for "The Blood Countess".

Blooper: director caught over-acting on an off-screen voice over shoot.


Making a statue: part one, we encase Carla Navarro in plaster.


Fundraising video: PS you can give money to this production here.  Thanks!


Saturday, February 4, 2012