Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Information Is Not Forthcoming

I have asked the Village Woods Owner's Association, in writing, for the addresses of owners who do not live in the complex. This was two months ago. The information is not forthcoming.

The reason I need these addresses is to run for the Owner's Association Board. The reason the information is not forthcoming is...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Kevin Six wins Second place for blogging

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Other People's Children

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OK people, say what you want about other people's children. Sometimes they're noisy, often they're misbehaved and sometimes it's even the parent's fault. But, unless the child is being abused, you have no right to speak harshly to them or their parents.
This happened to me on Friday. Twice. One was an adult who yelled at children in Borders and another was a woman yelling at a mother at Stu Segal's Studio Diner. Both adults were in the wrong, one of them got a serious dressing-down by me and the other deserved one but my girlfriend sat nearly on me in the restaurant to keep me in my seat.
First the a-hole in Borders: