Friday, March 25, 2011


I was at the March Village Woods Owners' Association board meeting and was thoroughly underwhelmed by the care they take in addressing concerns in the community forum portion of the meeting.

The biggest problem I had was lack of leadership.  The meeting was not called to order, no one was introduced or even acknowledged and answers to questions were treated with a combination of arrogance and utter lack of understanding of the problem in the first place.

Then they went about levying fines and calling for hearings.  Finally they excused the community members and went into Executive Session where God knows what was discussed.

When I am elected to this board, things will change!
  1. People will be encouraged to attend meetings and get involved.
  2. Everyone will be made welcome.
  3. Their problems and concerns will be given equal weight
  4. Robert's Rules of Order will be observed (they work or they wouldn't have been in use for over 200 years).
  5. People will not be called into hearings before the board. Instead, they will be asked to share their thoughts and ideas on problems.
  6. There will be a safety committee tasked with being the liaison between the complex and the community policing office in Linda Vista.
  7. There will be no real or perceived conflicts of interest i.e. board members will receive no special benefit for volunteering other than the knowledge that they are making Village Woods a model community.
So there!

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