Friday, January 14, 2011

A note to the person who left a note for me on the South Laundry bulletin board:

To my friendly neighbor,

Thank you for the kind note.  I have been thinking of you and the note since I read it last week and am finally responding.  Please forgive my tardiness.

I too think parties shouldn’t be loud.  I love the sound of children in a pool and hope that the people who live close love it too, though.

A pool party sounds like a great idea!  If we all come, we could each invite four non-association members and there could be a great turn out.  I would really like to meet my neighbors face to face instead of through the Internet, letters and even note like this.

As for the board meetings: I am confused.  Sometimes they are advertised as the fourth Wednesday and elsewhere the fourth Monday.  The worst part of that is that I have responsibilities for those evenings into late February.  I am looking for a friend to attend the next meeting and tell me what goes on – I imagine it’s quite a lot more than what is printed in the minutes.

In order to bring more discussion to the community I placed a few sheets of lined paper and a pen on the bulletin board at the mail boxes but it seems that I have a critic.  I also have an online forum for people to read, comment and – soon – write about goings on and issues important to Village Woods.  Please feel free to visit at

My “Political Party” is an attempt to bring openness, discourse and fun back to what I think is the far too sterile process of community management.  I want the Village Woods Association to be a leader in a new, democratic, fun and property-value-increasing movement.
It has been a pleasure corresponding with you.  Please feel free to e-mail me through the website above or to continue posting these great old-fashioned letters.

Most sincerely,

Kevin Six

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