Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To the person who keeps taking down my flyers

Dear Friend,

I call you friend because I believe that we are not all that different.  If an alien came down to earth (or even from another country) he/she would have a hard time distinguishing between you and me.  We both look a lot alike, we both sound and smell alike; the big difference is in how we think.

I think that people should love one another and have fun doing it.  I think that people are basically good and that, left to their own devices, would choose to do good.  I also think that it makes sense for everyone to get along and be happy regardless of what they believe; and that we are guaranteed certain rights simply by being members of the Human Race and the United States of America.

The country in which we have chosen to be neighbors allows us both to say what we think and feel.  I have spoken in words and you have spoken in actions.  Please consider using your words.  I am easy to find and I look forward to speaking with you.


Kevin Six

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