Friday, December 2, 2011

The OccupyThisDollar Video
The OcupyThisDolar Video Goes Viral

"Occupying places is getting more dangerous by the minute and politicians still only care about money. The only safe way to protest is to Occupy dollars and send them to politicians." -Kevin Six
OTD Headquarters, San Diego, CA (December 2, 2011) The OccupyThisDollar campaign is going viral, videographically. The OccupyThisDollar Video was posted on early this morning and is ready to be viewed, shared, distributed and, basically, go Bubonic (except that it will not kill anyone).

The OccupyThisDollar Video, shot and edited by actress, blogger and professional photographer Kymri Wilt, features founder Kevin Six (ostensibly) printing labels, attaching them to US Currency and mailing them to politicians. The labels have a simple message:

Occupy this dollar
Please listen to all the people
Not just those who can afford it


Watch the video, share it, then interview Kevin Six. You owe it to your readers. Links

OccupyThisDollar Video
OccupyThisDollar Media Page
Occupy This Dollar Labels
California Representatives Labels

Contact Kevin Six at the e-mail address below or by calling 619-818-1131. • Kevin Six

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