Wednesday, December 15, 2010

True Story: Fight the power (of my condo association)

Doorbell rings last night (12-13-2020) after dark.  It's the cable guy.  He's there about the emergency.
We didn't call in an emergency.  But the president of my condo association did.  The work order read (and I'm paraphrasing) there is a cable coming from the electrical box through the sliding glass door and that can't happen.

Problem is: the cable is coming from the wall to my TV inside my condo.  The cable is extra long and you can see it only if you come off the path and look over my patio fence.  I believe that this constututes illegal tresspass.

It certainly constitutes the association president's nosy-ness and possibly obsessive-compulsive disorder and maybe even insanity.  Or at least the criminal stupidity with which she has run the condo association for lo these many years so... I will name names soon...

I have created a political party in opposition to the party that holds power over at Village Woods.  I call my party tthe Village Woods Fun Party because parties should be fun and so should having a valuable property without nosy neighbors.  I am calling their party, until they create a party platform and a website like I have, The Weak Tea Party.  Because no one likes weak tea.
Here is my website:
Here is theres:
You decide!

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