Thursday, July 9, 2015


This is what I'm getting each member of the Village Woods Owner's Association as a going away present. If you would like to send a present, just ask for each board member's name and home address and I will do my best to get them for you. But you'd better hurry though, because they're going off the board, moving out of state, and settling into new homes and jobs very soon. 

For the intrepid President, Valerie, I am getting "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich," a warm winter coat, and those chocolate covered macadamia nuts she likes so much. Jim, the real estate agent who no longer lives at the Village Woods, is getting a walker. But just as a joke because he's finally retiring after so many years of service to the board and the people who live and own at the Village Woods. 

He's also getting a copy of the California Real Estate Association's Ethics Manual. Finally, for the third member -- and the second Val, I'm getting a gift card for the Rite Aid pharmacy. Lord knows how expensive medications are not to mention psychotropics.

Everyone is getting carryon luggage, too because -- can you imagine? --they're all moving 1,000 (or more) miles from San Diego. I guess I should get something for Hugo, our previous Community Manager, too. Such a sad thing, losing your job like that -- and his company losing the Village Woods contract. 

Well, when the law gets unvolved, there's really no other way.  I guess we could take up a collection for his family; it looks like he's going away for a long time. 

Well the good news for me is that I got a rather large settlement and it was more than enough to fix all the damage done to my unit. We're still selling, though; we were offered so much to sell and a long vacation is in the works so stay tuned for postcards. 

I'll get you my new address just as soon as we close escrow on the new place. And don't forget to email me for everyone's address. 

Or I guess I could just leave them here in the comments. But that's up to Vallerie, Jim, Val and Hugo. Isn't it?

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